Lone Worker / Personal GPS Tracking

Lone Worker Systems

(Refer to the Health & Safety section for more comprehensive details on current legislation.)

Health & Safety considerations are of paramount importance for all companies/organisations. Personal portable tracking enables companies to continuously monitor the safety of their personnel.

Any employer whose staff, contractors or self-employed work within a Lone Worker environment will require some form of monitoring device, to ensure the safety of their "lone workers". A Lone Worker is defined as:

These lone workers will require some form of monitoring device, to comply with current H&S legislation. Cotel provide a wide range of options for Lone Worker / Personnel GPS Tracking to cover a wide range of applications.

A lone worker within a quarry pit servicing a generator. It is important to check their welfare. The Cotel SiteMaster hand unit can monitor the personnel's well-being with the Lone Worker function.

Cotel SiteMaster Units

Application of use: where local on-site support/response is available

Lone Worker welfare monitoring systems are embedded within the specialist Cotel SiteMaster units as shown. Once the Emergency function is activated, the Cotel SiteMaster unit will automatically transmit the welfare status and the ID of the operator.

This type of Lone Worker equipment provides a dual function of a conventional Cotel SiteMaster unit with a Lone Worker welfare monitoring system. The Cotel SiteMaster unit is used to transmit, automatically or manually, the welfare status and ID of the operator.

The accelerometers within the Cotel SiteMaster unit will detect movement and non-movement, and in addition, the detection of horizontal and vertical axis' variation. All of this data is measured in real-time. The 'Man Down' function will initiate an automatic unique alarm code (for the individual in distress) to all users working on-site. The alarm code identifies the operator who initiated the alarm call. "First Responders", who will be using the same Cotel SiteMaster unit, are then able to take immediate action and resolve the emergency alert.

Selection of radio hand units from Cotel equipped with a lone worker function

LoneAlert App

Application of use: where local on-site support/response is available

The LoneAlert App is available on both iOS and Android phones. It tracks your location, times you while you're working alone, detects movement, triggers an emergency alarm when necessary and initiates contact with a trained emergency response team. The app can be configured to contact your first response team on-site, or it can contact the professionally trained LoneAlert ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre), who will speak to you in an emergency and get the right help, whether that's the police, ambulance or fire service. The app identifies each individual user; the user's identity will be shared with the first response team when in an emergency, and new users can be added seamlessly. There are also a series of LoneAlert Devices that you can use - these can be used instead of your phone and share the same essential safety features.

LoneAlert range of devices

LoneAlert Devices


A small, durable, simple-to-use solution that provides extra protection throughout the working day. Ideal for those with a public facing role that need added protection.

Man Down X

A robust, hard-wearing safety device with a tilt-activating alarm and a dedicated panic alarm. Ideal for those working in an industrial setting or roles that involve manual labour.

ID Card

The ID Card is a small yet powerful safety device with built-in GPS technology, Bluetooth and a rip cord alarm. Ideal for lone workers that need a discreet, lightweight solution.

Twig One

An IP67 certified, robust and configurable safety device. The Twig One has boasts two-way conversations and powerful alarms to notify lone workers in demanding conditions.

Spot Gen3

The Spot is a small yet robust device that is perfect for workers in remote locations. The Spot contains GPS tracking, a long battery life and relies on satellite communications.


Application of use: where local on-site support/response is not available

The Mambo2 is an advanced personal tracker that integrates a quad-band GSM/GPRS phone for two-way communication, and a 20-channel low-power GPS receiver for positioning.

Mambo2 can be used as a mobile phone with the standard features, voice calls and SMS all through a simple menu-guided operation. This small robust device can be carried along in a pocket or fixed in a vehicle. Mambo2 also supports a series of functions for GPS navigation and tracking via SMS, CSD and GPRS/TCP. The all-rounders true strength lies in the multitude of its configuration options; rolling GPS display, geo-fencing capability with alarm, and an ultra-precise movement detector are just some of the Mambo2’s core functions.

Mambo2 personnel GPS tracker


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