Automatic Voice Announcer

In the event of an emergency, reliable communications ensures that the problem is handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. By using a Cotel Emergency Transmit Point, an "Emergency" alarm can be raised by anyone and all personnel with a Cotel SiteMaster Radio Unit will hear the message, allowing first responders to react immediately to the situation, ensuring that everyones health and safety is the primary consideration of the organisation.

Due to the simplicity of the hardware and robust construction, all the user has to do is push the red button and the pre-recorded "Emergency" message will be broadcast over the entire radio network. The simple operation ensures that anyone in the vicinity can raise the alarm. This system works especially well in environments such as a gym or swimming pool, where anyone can see a problem, press the button and get it sorted.

The Cotel Emergency Transmit Point is cost-effective to deploy and will seamlessly integrate into your existing wireless radio communications system. The system can be configured with one or many transmit points, and the "Emergency" message can be recorded by you or by ourselves.

Automatic Voice Announcer


With workplace abuse on the rise and productivity under more scrutiny than ever, management from differing industries have wanted a record of what was transmitted over their respective PMR network. One way of keeping a log of speech would be to record audio. And so, we have created a system that records all audio transmitted over the radio network, and allows you to access and download the recordings from an online interface.

The Automatic Audio Recorder includes a PMR radio, programmed to the customer's frequency plan, and this is connected to a Raspberry Pi which manages the recordings and is connected to the customer's WiFi, in order for you to access the recordings from your browser. Recordings can be played and downloaded using the easy-to-use, intuitive web interface. The audio recorder can be easily installed into an office environment, as all it needs is a mains supply and an aerial to operate by itself.

Once powered on, the recorder will listen for anything that is transmitted over the PMR channel and will automatically record everything that is received. The system stores all recordings <21 days old and allows you to access and download these recordings from an easy-to-use, intuitive web interface. Recordings are sorted by date and time, and the web interface allows you to skip to a date and time and then play back or download the audio. Recordings that are more than 21 days old are automatically deleted to prevent the system from running out of storage.

The Automatic Audio Recorder is suitable for any business where you feel the need to record what's transmitted over your radio network. The system is self-maintaining, easy to use and will deter any abuse or misuse of your radio network.

voice recorder system voice recorder diagram
online interface
audio playback

Automatic Voice Announcer

Automatic Voice Announcer

The Automatic Voice Announcer allows the operator to transmit pre-recorded messages over the air at the push of a button, so that calls on the radio don't interfere with those important phone calls or office duties. This system is particularly useful for the taxi industry, as the base operator could be busy taking phone calls but would still be able to transmit commands or responses over the air without interruptions. The system can also be useful for any application where the transmission of recurring messages/alerts is required, such as security warnings, directions or commonly used commands, so it can also be useful within a number of different industries.

The Automatic Voice Announcer connects to a fixed SiteMaster Mobile radio in your office, and a fist microphone can be connected to the Automatic Voice Announcer so that you can still speak on the radio like you would normally. The system stores up to 3 different pre-recorded voice clips, which are transmitted over the radio by pressing their respective buttons on the panel. It also features an On/Off switch, an "active" LED, and a volume control and speaker for you to hear back what's being played. The system is powered by a Raspberry Pi which stores the recordings and is connected to the customer's WiFi, so that we can change the recorded messages upon request. These custom messages can be recorded by you or by ourselves.


intercom system

The CWIS (Cotel Weighbridge Intercom System) is a system created by Cotel that allows the weighbridge operator to make two-way, hands-free communications with the drivers on the weighbridge, without having to open and close the window every time a driver passes. This helps to prevent the spread of Covid as well as preventing RSI (repetitive strain injury), and it makes weighbridge communications more convenient than ever before.

The CWIS consists of a desktop console inside of the office, with features such as volume control and a hands-free Foot PTT (Push-to-Talk) switch, and it also includes a waterproof hands-free microphone and speaker secured to the outside of the building. The system also features a UPS (Unlimited Power Supply) so that the system will stay online during a mains failure, and easy communications between the operator and drivers. There is even the possibility of linking your Cotel radio network to the system, so that you can speak to the driver while away from your desk.

Despite being made for weighbridges, the CWIS is a two-way, hands-free intercom system that could benefit a number of businesses across different industries. Want to greet someone as they enter your premises? With the CWIS you can do so without even leaving your desk - just speak to visitors by using the console and hands-free microphone and you're good to go.

weighbridge intercom
diagram for intercom system


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