Analogue/Digital Radio

SiteMaster Hand Units

pmr handheld radios

A wide range of SiteMaster Hand Units available from Cotel.

Hand Units are an ideal portable solution for staff who travel around the site, or when a mobile installation into a vehicle or at an office desk isn't required. They are also a perfect solution if you're looking for short term hire radios for events etc. Hand Units have a series of accessories available, as well as long battery life and a series of emergency functions available upon request. Each unit has its own unique features and functions that can be an ideal solution for your business. Contact Cotel for a free demo.

SiteMaster Mobile Units

pmr mobile radios

A wide range of SiteMaster Mobile Units available from Cotel.

Mobile Units are an ideal solution if you require a fixed mobile unit at an office desk, or if you require a radio unit installed into a vehicle. These radios can be easily installed into any type of vehicle, from taxis to loading shovels, in a location that provides "ease of use" for the driver. Mobile Units run off of mains power or the power supply of a vehicle and connect to an external aerial supplied by ourselves. Each unit has distinct advantages and benefits which can enable your business to optimise your staff resources more efficiently.


cotel radio

Low cost SiteMaster unit,
recommended for Short Term Hire

cotel radio

Rugged SiteMaster unit, simple operation,
good for the Construction industry

cotel radio

Advanced SiteMaster unit, with
a display and all functions

cotel radio

Digital SiteMaster unit, with an advanced
display and new functions, e.g. Bluetooth

cotel radio

Basic SiteMaster mobile, simple operation, good for the Taxi & Transport industry

cotel radio

High quality SiteMaster mobile units,
with large buttons and all functions

cotel radio

Digital SiteMaster mobile, with an advanced display and new functions, e.g. Recording


Audio Accessories
Speaker-Microphones, Headsets, Earhangers, Bluetooth Accessories, Speakers...

Protective Cases
Blue or Orange Hi-Viz Protective Cases for all SiteMaster Hand Units. Recommended for the Construction industry

Desktop Chargers
Single or 6-Way Desktop Chargers for all SiteMaster Hand Units

Cotel offer a wide and flexible range of communications solutions that can be ideal for any business or event, large or small. Contact us.


For a series of leaflets documenting our product range, see the Leaflets page.